12-13-13 I’ve Been Here Before

2013 12-13 I've Been Here Before  by Watertown, SD, photographer Scott Shephard

This is a place I’ve photographed four or five times, but always in different light. Yesterday morning I had only a few minutes to get this scene before the beautiful pink hues were washed out by the rising sun. One of the features of this scene that I like is that the snow cover is light enough that the brown grass underneath allows for contrast and texture.

I will admit that I was a little lazy in that I shot this through the open passenger window of my vehicle. I am a bit of a perfectionist and yet I use imperfect practices from time to time. Why is that? Well, yesterday morning it was -3 fahrenheit. But that’s a poor excuse. . . .

Here are two previous posts. The framing is a bit different in today’s post and, interestingly, where there used to be two trees in the foreground there is now only one.

Missouri River Bluffs Side by Side

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