12-31-13 Global Babies

2013 12-31 Global Babies by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

I guess it’s appropriate that the final post of 2013 is a photo of our grand daughter, Glenyce Jane, whose arrival on June 2 was no doubt the biggest event in the life of the Shephard/Brass family this year. As everyone who has a grandchild has told me, she has been a blessing and a true marvel.

This photo wasn’t staged and is the result of a little luck, as is so often the case in photography. Deb was intending to read this book to little Glenyce but Glenyce decided she would rather taste it instead. And I happened to have my camera ready.

Having traveled only to South Dakota and back from her native city of St. Paul, Glenyce isn’t yet a “global baby.” But given the nature of the world and the inclinations of her parents, she will certainly be cosmopolitan, which literally means a “citizen of the world.” The world is lucky to have her. She is, of course, smart, beautiful and everything else that grandparents say about their grandchildren. 🙂

Canon 5DIII 1/100s f/2.8 ISO800 100mm

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