01-03-14 Countless Unseen Details

2014 01-03 Countless Unseen Details by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

I have written about the “countless unseen details” that artists concentrate in their attempt to approach the “sublime” in their creations. In the case of this composite photo of brain coral, my title refers to Nature as the creator, not me. Frankly, all I did was record and compile the detail in this coral. But, as macro photography often does, you are being allowed to look at coral in a way you may not have done before. And there is amazing detail here that often goes unseen.

Brain coral evokes a powerful childhood memory in me, incidentally. My grandma, who lived next door to us in Sioux Fall, SD, had a perfect piece of brain coral on her front porch. I was fascinated by it largely because my older brother told me it was a petrified human brain. That was so cool. But why did Ida have a petrified human brain on her front porch, I wondered? Oh, to be a child again. . . .

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  1. Scott, on FB I had the following comment regarding this post: “WOW…when I saw these pictures I thought they were textures on metal. I’m inspired to go and try them out. Very beautiful, thanks…”

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