02-05-14 Our Italian Villa

2014 02-05 Our Italian Villa by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

I set the Way-Back Machine to 2008 in my quest for something refreshing (at least to me) to post. 2008 doesn’t seem like that long ago but for a photographer, who might measure time based on know-how and equipment, it was 2 cameras ago: then – the Canon 5D; now – the 5DIII.

The joke in this photo is that my good friend Scott Peterson and I are sitting down to something that doesn’t look particularly Italian and that isn’t particularly fancy. But if you note the flowers and candle gracing our pool-side table, you glimpse clues to our dinner theme on this beautiful night in June, 2008: “Presentation Is Everything.”

I refer to “Our Italian Villa” in the title, though in truth we were only renting it – for a little over $100 per night. The villa consisted of a restored farmhouse and cottages and was only two miles from Sienna. There were 6 guest rooms, including our little three room pool-side cottage. But for two days, we had the whole villa to ourselves. And, as you can see, it had a swimming pool! Perfetto, as the Italians say.

Canon 5D 1/80s f/5.6 ISO250 24mm

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