02-17-14 Upon This Rock . . . (Reprise)

2024 02-17 Upon This Rock (Reprise)

This is a photo looking up at the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. When I returned to the US and opened it on my computer, I remember how impressed I was the quality of the image given than I was pushing my luck when I took it. I had no tripod, the shutter speed was 1/40 second, the lens was at it maximum aperture of 4.0 and the ISO was 1000. All of those factors were “wrong” for good architectural photography. But I had the relatively new Canon 5D, which was revolutionizing the world of digital photography.

This photo, incidentally, is the second in my “Anniversary Series,” in which I pay tribute to photos that have already been posted to this blog.

Canon 5D 1/40s f/4.0 ISO1000 17mm

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