03-09-14 A Return To the Beginning (HDR)


Earlier today I was wondering why I return to the same places again and again to take photographs and it occurred to me that it’s not just about a rut I’m in or just about the comfort of being in familiar places. Instead, it hit me that it is about practice. I go back to places I’ve photographed with new ideas and techniques to see if I can photograph something I haven’t seen before.

And so today’s post is about a return to a place that I’ve been before. The place is “The Rock” and my very first post to “A Photo A Day” was a view looking west from the Rock. And this photo shows roughly the same view.

There are many differences. One is the nature of light, of course. But another is the technique. This photo is an HDR composite of 9 exposures. Is is better that the one from 2009? I can’t say. But I like it. And, more than that, I like being in the Black Hills again. On The Rock. With my camera.

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