12-11-13 The End of the Season

When Deb and I paid the entrance fee for the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska, a few weeks ago, we weren’t expecting much given that the gardens were past bloom and prepared for winter. But we were surprised by what we found. And even if we hadn’t found anything worth seeing, it would have been…

11-25-13 A Nicely Painted Ceiling

Given that I talked a bit about the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel yesterday, I thought I’d post my one and only photo of the ceiling, “accidentally” taken in 2004. Photography is not allowed, but in the crowded and somewhat chaotic chapel, my camera somehow went off. And this is what I ended up with….

01-28-13 Orientation

I couldn’t resist posting one more High Art Museum (Atlanta) interior. Like the other one, I think that this photo shows one of the reasons I like most art museums: there is great light and warm wooden floors (that often creak when you walk on them.)