03-14-14 Beyond Wasta, SD

Wasta, SD, is a a very small town along I-90 in the western part of our state. Perhaps it is best known for the rest stops that are near the town. And on a busy summer day, I would guess that the population of the interstate rest stops is greater than that of Wasta. Besides…

02-05-14 Our Italian Villa

I set the Way-Back Machine to 2008 in my quest for something refreshing (at least to me) to post. 2008 doesn’t seem like that long ago but for a photographer, who might measure time based on know-how and equipment, it was 2 cameras ago: then – the Canon 5D; now – the 5DIII. The joke…

02-03-14 Under the Sea

14 This is a GoPro frame capture of my brother-in-law luring a tropical fish closer to him using a banana as bait. I’m guessing that naturalist wouldn’t like the fact that the fish have become somewhat domesticated. But it’s good for the snorkelers.

01-28-14 Dreaming of Mexico (HDR)

I wish I were in this picture, lounging on the pool-side chair. But it occurs to me that I am in every photo I take. You just have to look hard to see me sometimes. . . . Dreaming of Mexico by Scott Shephard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.