05-27-12 A View From Above

Inspired by an article on Lisbon, Portugal,in the Travel section of today’s NYT, I went back and looked at things I had from our trip there a couple years ago. This photo was taken from the top of a monument to the Portuguese explorers, who boldly went where no European white men had gone before….

Abstract Pattern?

I’m not sure if a pattern can be abstract, but from 30,000 feet this new housing development somewhere close to Denver seems unreal and a bit abstract too me. iPhone 4

04-17-09 Gliding In For A Landing

I wasn’t trying to find another picture where yellow is the dominant color for two consecutive “A Photo A Day” pictures. But here’s another photo with yellow. . . A few years ago I was invited to take a ride in the Lake Area Technical Institute glider. Greg Klein was the pilot and we had…