07-07-13 A Sacred Moment

Our grand daughter, Glenyce Jane, was baptized today in front of many friends and family at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Rapid City, South Dakota. I must say that though I am no doubt a bit biased, it was a beautiful ceremony. And since I have designated myself the Official Photographer of Key Events in the…

11-12-12 A Special Moment

This isn’t the only young DeGeest child that I’ve photographed while being baptized. Not too many months ago it was Evie. If you checked out Evie’s photo, you also saw Ethan (featured in today’s post) getting a good view of his sister.

05-08-12 Picture-In-Picture

I took this at Evie D’s baptism back in February. I don’t really have much else to say about it, though I suppose it is an example of how photographer’s try to see and capture things that other people wouldn’t.

Tiny Shoes

There are always details in an event that get ignored and I certainly missed these amazing shoes. They were part of Evelyn’s D’s baptism outfit but were generally hidden by her gown. It wasn’t until I was prowling around Derek and Alecia’s house looking for photo opportunities that I found them. See more of Evie’s…