Men Working

I was in Chicago looking for interesting photo opportunities when I found this scene. The yellow “men” are to keep people off the wet sidewalk but to me they look like they are supervising the worker in the background.

The Great Stone Face

In middle school I remember reading a short story entitled “The Great Stone Face” by Hawthorne. While I remember the title, I don’t remember anything about the story. I do remember thinking that my craggy-faced teacher, who was an old lady who rarely smiled, could aptly be called “stone face.” How old was she? Maybe…

02-27-10 Distorted Reality

Though I have converted this photo to black and white, everything else about it is “real.” Really! The twisted windows are reflections in one of the windows of the Art Institute of Chicago. In fact, I think it is this building, which was featured in another post on this blog.

07-15-09 Morning Sun on Stainless Steel

This morning I finally realized why paintings and sculptures get such lame titles sometimes – the artists spend all their creativity on the art and have nothing left when it comes time to name it. I doubt my photo is a work of art but I do know that the title is lame. Anyway, I’m…

06-06-09 Vanishing Point

Yesterday’s post asked a question about lines and so I thought I’d post another photo that is obviously linear. I rarely think of vanishing points when I take photos but this one clearly moves the eye to infinity. If you want to see an interest use of vanishing point, check out da Vinci’s “The Last…