80-30-12 Variations On A Theme

Yes, another sunflower shot. They are looking east, incidentally, away from the setting sun. And, yes, they look east all day and all night long. When I was a kid someone told me that they actually turned so they always faced the sun. That would be a form of heliotropism, so my high school biology…

07-14-09 Yellow Fields

Here’s another photo of sun-ripened crops – this time a seemingly endless field of sunflowers. Sunflowers are a bit of a paradox in that I don’t know if there is a crop in South Dakota that is more beautiful when it is in its prime or more ugly when it is ready to be harvested….

07-12-09 Golden Fields

The wheat is a not yet ready to harvest in our state but I noticed that it is getting close. This photo was taken a few years ago north of Watertown on a dewy morning just as the sun was coming up. Canon 1DII 1/125s f/5.0 ISO400 70mm