01-15-13 At Ease

“And now,” as Rocky would say, “for something completely different.” Yes, the voyeur in me had to capture this scene: a man, sleeping quietly in a Denver, CO, park being watched by a squirrel. And, for my loyal readers, a trivia question: who was Rocky?

What Is Reality?

Here’s something that just occurred to me when I saw this picture: Much of “Reality” is what we perceive superimposed with what our culture tells us we should think and feel about our perceptions. Thus, the distorted image of the Colorado state capitol building reflected in a nearby office building isn’t real. But if that’s…

11-03-09 The First Snow

This is from my recent stay in Denver. I didn’t have much time to wander around taking photos and the weather wasn’t real conducive, anyway, with wet snow falling nearly continuously for two days. [DKB url=”” text=”” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”” height=”” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

11-01-09 A Human Interface

You may have noticed that I like to take photographs of art museum interiors. This photo comes from the Denver Art Museum. The inspiration for the title is the fact that the design and color of the space that showcases the art are so welcoming. Art museums are often busy and full of the sound…

10-29-09 The Big, Blue Bear

I am in Denver this week and we are being treated to the first major snow storm of the season – 8″ so far. But it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, when I fly out. This is the big bear sculpture that stares into the lobby of the Denver Convention Center. I’ll have to…