Amazing Lines

Sorry if you don’t like cathedral photos. I’m on a run of Siena Cathedral photos these days and I have one more in the next day or so. But it will be, as Rocky used to say to Bullwinkle, “something completely different.”

Duomo Siena

Here’s another photo of the Siena Cathedral and one that I adjusted with Apple’s raw image processing software called Aperture. I think it’s an amazing tool but today I decided it is especially useful to people who shoot architectural interiors in poorly lit places – such as the Duomo Siena. I won’t bore you with…

Under An Amazing Dome

I have a weakness for domes, including this amazing structure. This shot was taken a few years ago and discarded (along with everything else I took in the cathedral.) The problem was that everything seemed so dark. But having found a way to resurrect photos like this, I offer this shot.