02-05-14 Our Italian Villa

I set the Way-Back Machine to 2008 in my quest for something refreshing (at least to me) to post. 2008 doesn’t seem like that long ago but for a photographer, who might measure time based on know-how and equipment, it was 2 cameras ago: then – the Canon 5D; now – the 5DIII. The joke…

2014 01-22 A Simple Salad

This photo would never make the pages of Martha Stewart Living Magazine because, as you may have already noticed, the pears are less than perfect. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s OK: it lends authenticity to the salad. After all, the salad was made to be eaten, not to be photographed. And it was…

2014 01-20 Tradition

I’m guessing that a photo of freshly made Chex mix doesn’t carry much punch with the readers of this blog. But I’m posting it anyway because in the Shephard household, it is very much a traditional December/January snack. But this batch is a real treat because the Chex mix generally goes away along with the…

03-13-13 Appetizer

I guess I’m taking you to Portugal for a few days. Deb and I visited in 2010. Frankly, Portugal has been one of my favorite European travel experiences. And the food helped. I am not a foodie but I still remember several of the meals we ate during our stay. Wonderful!

11-03-12 Bread Art

I am teaching a little bit about food photography in my studio photography class and that has sent me in quest of photos I’ve taken that might illustrate the art and practice of making food look good in photos, which is rarely easy. Bill Zubke’s buns are always photogenic, however, as these detectible samples demonstrate.