11-30-13 Glenyce Jane At Six Months

A few years ago one of my photography students told the front office that there were several reasons I should be fired. As hard as it is to realize one isn’t all things to all people, the one reason that made me laugh went something like this: “He should be fired because he doesn’t like…

11-04-13 Glenyce Jane

I can’t help it. Here’s a photo of Glenyce Jane Shephard striking a pose with her grandma Deb. Great faces. And wonderful catchlights in Glenyce’s eyes. Canon 5DIII 1/100s f/3.2 ISO400 100mm

10-28-13 Trust

I went looking for something that made me smile and this photo of father Brian holding daughter Glenyce upside down is the first thing I found. I used to hang him upside down when he was two feet tall and so Brian is obligated to continue the tradition. No children were harmed in the making…

10-07-13 Fashionista

Though the title of this post suggests it, Glenyce Jane isn’t particularly fashion conscious. Nor am I, her grandpa. But I do know that the right hat can help accessorize a beautiful face. And here’s the result. Canon 5DIII 1/200s f/2.8 ISO500 130mm [maxbutton id=”14″]