03-09-13 Winter Weather

We console ourselves during snow storms like the one that hit today with the thought that “it will soon melt.” The problem with that idea is that all of the other accumulation of snow hasn’t yet melted. So when will all the snow be gone? Check back sometime in early April. Should I admit, by…

12-07-12 Morning Stroll

This photo was published on Instagram a while ago but I think my audience is a little different here, so here you go. This is Katie and Brian strolling in their beautiful neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota.

08-04-12 Reflections

I have photographed clouds reflected in this same water before. But I am a sucker for redundancy. This photo started out as a 5DIII picture but I imported it into Instagram and published it as the square, over filtered photo you see here. Some would say it’s cheating to do Instagram photos with a camera…

07-12-12 On the Road Again

I tell me students to avoid taking photos through windows of moving vehicles. After all, who wants to see bug splats? So why did I keep driving as I snapped this photo with my iPhone? I have not good answer other than I guess I don’t always practice what I preach.