09-27-13 Change of Seasons, Alaska

Yesterday’s post is a broader view of what you would see from the Safari Endeavor, the Un-Cruise ship we lived on for our week in Alaska. Today’s post shows what you might see if you were lucky enough to move into the apparently dense forest of spruce trees. This photo was not taken on this…

10-02-12 Standing Out

By the end of the day yesterday, our driveway was covered in leaves from the two ash trees in our front yard. I had run some errands around town last evening and returned just as the sun was going out of view between our neighbors’ houses across the street. I turned back to look at…


I guess I kind of like the “lone gold leaf” theme. This time I found a single leaf stuck to the hood of a gray car. Other gold leaves: Aspen Leaf Frozen In Time Before the Fall

Leafscape II

Here’s another backlit leaf showing texture and character. Once again, I worked to compose this photo so that the lines in the leaves run slightly counter to the frame of the photo.