01-11-14 Pretty In Pink

If I had a true scientific interest in coral, I would have answers to the many things I wonder about when I look at it. I wonder, for example, about the many ways that coral seems to organize itself. I wonder about the age of coral we find along the shore. And in the case…

05-18-12 E Pluribus

I am getting ready to teach a short seminar in macro photography and so I thought I should try to photograph a few objects with my macro lens. This photo is a detail from the obverse side of a coin my aunt Betty owned. It is about the size of a silver dollar, though I…

An Abandoned World

This piece of coral was lying on a beach in Mexico that was covered with pieces of coral. I’m not sure what causes coral to wash up, or even what coral like this looked like when it was thriving in it’s undersea world. But I do know that the many small structure make for good…

The Other Half

One half ended up diced for our clam chowder soup. The other half ended up on the blog. I hadn’t planned on taking a food photo but the symmetrical design struck me as worth of a closer look. This was shot with a 100mm macro lens in light that filtered in through our patio doors….

11-22-09 Parallel Universe

These furry objects are part of the reproductive system of a tropical flower. I call this photo “Parallel Universe” because the casual observer often misses the minute and often fascinating details of things like the not-so-private parts of flowers.