01-28-14 Dreaming of Mexico (HDR)

I wish I were in this picture, lounging on the pool-side chair. But it occurs to me that I am in every photo I take. You just have to look hard to see me sometimes. . . . Dreaming of Mexico by Scott Shephard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

01-11-14 Pretty In Pink

If I had a true scientific interest in coral, I would have answers to the many things I wonder about when I look at it. I wonder, for example, about the many ways that coral seems to organize itself. I wonder about the age of coral we find along the shore. And in the case…

2014 01-04 Left Behind

I found these empty shoes early one morning at the resort we were staying at recently in Mexico. There was something evocative about the bright blue Crocs and I photographed them exactly as I found them. Interestly, the next morning they had been moved to another nearby location. And, of course, I photographed them again….

01-03-14 Countless Unseen Details

I have written about the “countless unseen details” that artists concentrate in their attempt to approach the “sublime” in their creations. In the case of this composite photo of brain coral, my title refers to Nature as the creator, not me. Frankly, all I did was record and compile the detail in this coral. But,…

01-01-14 Circle of Light

I had mentioned yesterday that I had another photo that showed a drastic difference between what the human eye sees and what the camera “sees.” Yesterday, the difference had to do with focus, depth of field and bokeh. What today’s photo demonstrates may not be so obvious unless you understand the concept of “dynamic range.”…