09-30-13 A Perfect Fall Day

We spent this past weekend at Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa. And while the weather was far from perfect when we got there on Friday night, Saturday turned out to be a great day to be at the lake. In our part of the world, fall can be one of the most beautiful times of…

Saturday Regatta

If you look at the sails of these boats, you will notice a “Y”. That identifies them as Yngling class boats, which is an international classification. You might also notice the “USA” on the sails. If this photo had been taken in Switzerland, you would see “SUI” instead. Or in Sweden “SWE”. And so on….

Captain & Crew

The captain is Scott, who is standing in the back of this photo. The driver and driver’s supervisor are the famous BZ and CZ. We are cruising on Okoboji in Iowa and though BZ looks confident at the helm, I think it had been a while since he had driven a boat.

Sunset Cruise

This photo was no accident, though I had no idea what I’d get when I starting taking photos of the water contrail behind my brother-in-law Scott’s boat last night on Lake Okoboji in Iowa. I like the glow of the sunset still visible in the background but I especially like the creamy, dark blue look…

Cloud Study ( iPhonography)

Deb and I spent part of our weekend at my in-laws’ new lake home at Lake Okoboji in Iowa. While the weather was atrocious (windy and cold), the clouds produced by the bad weather were worth enjoying. This shot was taken shortly after sunrise and, as has been the case lately, edited with Instagram on…