12-10-13 Late Fall

It occurs to me that in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where this photo was taken, the ponderosa pine is visual white noise in that there are so many of them and, unless they are fallen or bug infested or on fire, they are rarely seen. Good photography often involves being in the right…

01-11-12 #18,791

This photo is the last photo I took in 2012. I was entralled by the fact that the bag of chips got puffy as our airplane reached altitude. It was taken with my iPhone and given what I was trying to capture, it is a failure. It was also the 18,791st photo I took last…

09-02-12 Camera Blur

I know enough about sports photography to know that this is no “money shot” because there is way too much blur. I’ll leave sports photography to the sports pros. But I also know that if it’s done right, blur can add a sense of motion and action to a photo and I think this photo…

08-28-12 The Art of Seeing

So here’s a variation on my themes from yesterday: spider webs and seeing. And here’s a quote that every photographer should keep in mind: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift Canon 5DIII 1/160s f/4.0 ISO200 100mm

08-14-12 Hand County, South Dakota

This is another HDR (high dynamic range) photo that is actually a combination of two photos. I’m not sure I like the dramatic “rays” that seem to be streaming to the ground from the clouds because I didn’t see them when I took the photo. And they look a little unreal. But they are real….