04-03-13 A Good Wind

As the last snow melts and as the temperatures warm into the 50s, is hard not to start thinking of summer. And for me summer equals sailing. And so today I went looking for something that evokes warmer weather. In two more months, maybe I’ll be on my boat on amazing Lake Oahe. . .

02-01-13 Captain Shep

On a day when the wind chills have dipped to -42 degrees centigrade, I’m left dreaming of warmer climates. This photo was taken last June in the British Virgin Islands, where it rarely dipped below 75 degrees. And that’s our son, Jon, at the wheel.

07-09-12 Dream Boat

This is the 41′ sailboat we chartered in June in the British Virgin Islands. It had a few more creature comforts than my 25′ boat, including hot & cold running water, refrigeration and three small, private bedrooms. But I still like my boat better. 🙂

Under Way

We are back from a little more than a week in the British Virgin Islands and so I guess this is my first, official post from the trip. We met our youngest son Jon and his friend Eli in Road Town, Tortola, and, having chartered a 41′ Beneteau monohull sailboat for a week, we took…

Before the Start

In the minutes before the start of a sailboat race, things can look a little chaotic. The challenge is to cross the start line (not visible in this photo) after the starting gun goes off, not before. Before the race, then, you might have boats that are going in opposite or seemingly random directions. All…