05-27-12 A View From Above

Inspired by an article on Lisbon, Portugal,in the Travel section of today’s NYT, I went back and looked at things I had from our trip there a couple years ago. This photo was taken from the top of a monument to the Portuguese explorers, who boldly went where no European white men had gone before….

05-15-12 Life Star

I took exactly one photo of this flower, in part because I had ventured into my neighbor’s back yard to look at her flowers. To get one photo, I had to step carefully into the middle of her garden and I felt awkward doing this – especially without her blessing. I need to go back….

05-14-12 Going To Seed

I’ve said before that a photographer can get you to look at things in new ways. Add a macro lens to the camera he/she is using and you really see things differently. It’s hard to see a dandelion that’s gone to seed as anything but beautiful when seen close up. But in a day or…

05-12-12 My Favorite LATI Graduates

From left to right, top to bottom, you are looking at Danine, Lexi, Sara, Kendra, Kaila, McKenzie, Ashley, Holly and Kelly. The were all students in our Photo/Media program at Lake Area Technical Institute. And, if you’ll forgive me for saying it, they were my favorite nine graduates walking across the stage yesterday. Click here…